Lakeside Drive Community Garden  is a community garden at a two acre site on Lakeside Drive in Alawa. Initiated in 2008 by CDU students, the Lakeside Drive Community Garden is now an award-winning demonstration site for tropical food production and sustainable living education. The Garden is driven by a dedicated team of volunteers and supported by CDU staff who generously donate time, equipment, guidance and resources. With a social network of over 350 members our activities our aimed at:

  • Providing community education on food security and sustainable lifestyles, including the reduction of household waste, in an urban environment.
  • Demonstrating sustainable gardening practices through the use of permaculture principles such as compost and mulching.
  • Inspiring local residents to engage in promoting the growth of local species, both in their own backyards and the wider community.
  • Collaborating with other local environment and conservation groups in educational outreach programs.

Our vision is for Lakeside Drive Community Garden to be a welcoming space where all members of the community come together to share skills, vegies and smiles. Collectively we hope to create a thriving, healthy centre for producing food, knowledge and inspiration based on permaculture ethics, principles and design.

If you would like find out more information or be involved with the the Lakeside Drive Community Garden, please email us on: Visit and like us on Facebook to find out how you can get involved and what's coming up at the garden.


Lakeside Dr
Alawa NT 0810


Garden type:
Community Garden
Public Access:
Garden open to the general public at all times
Primary Contact:
Birut Zemus
Accessibility features:
Raised garden beds, Universal access toilets within 40m of garden
Garden established:
Listing updated: 2 years 11 months ago
Maintainer's username: ACFCGN NT

New South Wales

Jimi Gatland


Nel Smit


Damian Gillett 

South Australia

Christie Spier


Lorna Martin

Western Australia

Anthony Ridolfo


COGS President (temporary)

Northern Territory

Naomi Lacey


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