Pre-establishment. We are greening our community!

The group working to found North Brighton Community Garden was inspired by the ideology of permaculture and creating an area where people can learn, grow and work as a community. The purpose of this garden is to unite the community, promote physical and mental health and create a space where people can learn more about sustainability, organic principles, and healthy living.

In this garden we hope not only to grow great fresh produce, but to nurture awareness for how our everyday actions and choices can benefit the world around us.


Bowker Oval, 61 Bowker Street, North Brighton
North Brighton SA 5048
The garden is located at the back of the Oval. Accessible through the Bowker Street Car Park, Brimble Street Car Park, Hopkins Crescent and Balmoral Ave.


Garden type:
Community Garden
Public Access:
Garden open to the general public at all times
Public Access Comment:
The garden is open to the public at all times.
Primary Contact:
Alex Miller
Secondary contact:
City of Holdfast Bay - 8229 9999.
Accessibility features:
Universal access entries and paths, Raised garden beds
Garden established:
Listing updated: 1 year 2 weeks ago
Maintainer's username: NorthBrightonCo...

New South Wales

Jimi Gatland


Nel Smit


Damian Gillett 

South Australia

Christie Spier


Lorna Martin

Western Australia

Anthony Ridolfo


COGS President (temporary)

Northern Territory

Naomi Lacey


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