Links Community Garden

The purpose of this group is to establish a community garden/park in Lalor for the purpose of fostering community connections though the use this space. So will included activities such as gardening, cooking, preserving, sustainability, sensory gardens, proving meals for those in need, upcycling, outdoor mothers or other social groups, eating or simply enjoy being in nature.


401-405 Station Street
Lalor VIC 3075


Garden type:
Community Garden
Public Access:
Garden open to the general public at all times
Public Access Comment:
Please see our Facebook Group for more specific meet up time.
Primary Contact:
Matthew Odgers
Accessibility features:
Raised garden beds
Garden established:
Listing updated: 2 weeks 2 days ago
Maintainer's username: Matthew Odgers

New South Wales

Chris Brown


Nel Smit


John Brisbin (temporary)

South Australia

Christie Spier


Lorna Martin

Western Australia

Anthony Ridolfo


COGS President (temporary)

Northern Territory

Naomi Lacey


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