Gardens by the numbers

This section is about helping us understand how Community Gardens function, how they influence our cultural values and grow a sense of place.

The best way to understand Community Gardens is to join one (or two).

Many people are connected with a garden. Their energy goes in and benefits flow forth. If you want to see how that all adds up, in aggregate, the best place to start is with the survey data that garden organisers contribute right here on the site.

Looking for more...?

We're keen to connect with other groups to share data. If you are looking for specific metrics, please let us know. If you've got data that need to be added here, please let us know that too! Contact: (John Brisbin)

Is this your garden?? Please get in touch so we can credit the photo..

2016-17 Survey Results

There was only a small response to the survey, so please be cautious of the statistics. We are looking forward to a more robust sampling in years ahead.

PDF icon survey-results_2017.pdf

2015-2016 Survey Results